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Cycle ride to Lunel

Hiking trails and biking trails

What better way to discover the back country during a bike ride with the family?

Circuits VTT près de Lunel (Hérault)

The wealth of the Country of Lunel

To discover all the riches of the Pays, we offer several hiking trails, small or large walkers, family or friends, on foot or by bike: stunning views over the hinterland Cevennes, Pic Saint-Loup The coastline, vineyards, wildlife and flora of Petite Camargue, capitelles, crosses old ...

Sheet hike

Parcours VTT autour de Lunel

4 different departures (St-Christol, Halle Arnassan, Parking du Canal ou Marsillargues)

Green network "Vers la voie Domitienne"

This route will bring you of the Gallo-Roman site of Ambrussum to the site of Fondespierre.

On the way to capitelles Villetelle

Easy family walk of 2.5 miles through the scrub, the discovery of capitelles.

Canal du Vidourle - the great escape in the heart of the marshes

Walk about 20 km along the channel, accessible to bicycles, to discover a landscape unusual, the little world of "cabanias" and a fauna and flora.

The capitelles of Benova to Saussines

10 km for hikers in the heart of the scrubland Saussinoise, the discovery of dry stone shelters, laundry, drailles ...